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17 members entered our Splash meet this year with nearly all swimmers taking on 5 events – 50m all 4 strokes and 100IM. A lot of us were pushed out of our comfort zone but with the support of our club members we were up for taking on the challenge.

Despite a short pause after 2x50m events and before the 100IM we raced through the schedule and had time for a presentation of our participatory medals by CCASA President Chris Elliott, before our fun inflatable relay .

The crocodile led after the 1st 25m only to be overtaken by the turtle, Orca whale and stingray, coming in a slow 4th. For me the hardest 25m of the gala was doing the crocodile 25m !

With all events concluded we then walked over the road for pizza and social.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and 12 Club records were taken –6 female and 6 male.

Well Done to, Kitty, Sam, Sarah and Alison R. Steven and Thomas ( breaking some of his own records for the 3rd time!)

Results are now available on masters’ rankings and have been emailed to all participants.

We are grateful for all the support which is essential to administer the gala successfully including the leisure centre staff, all the officials, Judy our announcer, and Fran and Anna who helped poolside. Thank you also to Chris Elliott who kindly presented our medals and joined us at Pizza Hut.


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